Proper Tongue Posture

Proper tongue posture is one of the remedies of mouth breathing. Mouth breathing involves breathing from your mouth. This means that the mouth is always open. I used to breathe from my mouth. For some odd reason, my mouth always seemed to be involuntarily open. Even when i was not talking. I was completely unaware of it and it looked really stupid. I had a friend who, whenever  we would play computer games, friends would always laugh because they would say “Now  Kamaa close your mouth.” He would close it and 30 seconds later they would start laughing again because its wide open. It embarrassing to be in that situation. One is often lost in thought when it happens. Breathing from the mouth can cause malformations of the face and jaw, bad sleep, gingivitis and digestive disorders. The body tends to take in less air when you breathe through the mouth, which results in chronic oxygen deprivation. Its simple to say “just close your mouth” but in case you need more than that try a few things recommended by medical professionals. If you have or know someone with that problem, worry not.

As long as it’s not hanging out, most people don’t care where their tongue sits in their mouth. The correct tongue position is where the tongue rests up in the roof of the mouth, with the tip behind the front teeth. Say the letter “n” and that’s where the tip of your tongue should be. With the tongue in this position, Its hard to breathe through your mouth. For children, when the tongue is in this position, it helps widen the upper palate, which reduces the incidence of teeth becoming misaligned later in life.

This is also connected with proper swallowing. Visit this link Proper Tongue Posture for more information. Secure connection. Or download the pdf below.

correct tongue positionFacial Muscles

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